Tips to Avoid Getting Sunburnt

This weekend we finally had some clear, sunny days that were great for the beach! We know that everyone who comes to Miami Beach loves to tan and relax on the beach, but it seems like many of our EC Miami students come to class with burns instead of tans. Follow the tips below to ensure that you keep your skin healthy and burn-free.

1)      Always wear sunscreen. This is especially important on your face because it is a very sensitive area. A common SPF sunscreen is 15 SPF, but you are welcome to choose a higher one. If you plan to go in the ocean or a pool, make sure to buy waterproof sunscreen. The most common body parts to burn are your nose, ears, feet, and shoulders, so ensure that you put enough sunscreen on these locations.

2)      Put on more sunscreen. If you are on the beach all day, your sunscreen eventually wears off*. If you have very fair and light skin, you should always re-apply the sunscreen every few hours.

3)      Don’t forget to turn over. If you are tanning on the beach, you don’t want to have a strange sunburn/tan. Try to lie on your back for about 15 minutes and then your front. Make sure that you have also evenly spread the sunscreen.

4)      Choose your time on the beach carefully. It is a good idea to take breaks from the sun and go grab lunch or a drink. The hottest time of day for the sun is in the afternoon (from 10 a.m.-3 p.m., so try to come to the beach in the late afternoon/early evening for less strong sun.

5)      Don’t think that cloudy days mean no sun. Even on cloudy days, there is still sun and many people get worse burns because they do not put on sunscreen.

If you don’t follow these tips or somehow do get burnt, make sure to cover your sunburn. Sunburns should stay away from the sun and anything else hot. So, wear loose clothing and try to stay indoors. You should also buy some aloe to ease the pain of your burn and think twice before spending all day in the scorching* sun again!

*wears off – goes away, is not as strong

*scorching – extremely hot