What is Memorial Day?

On Monday, EC Miami, and most schools and offices in the United States will be closed. Don’t come to class because no one will be here! But, why don’t we have school? It’s Memorial Day, which is a national holiday in the U.S.

Memorial Day is a day to remember anyone who has died while serving the country. This often includes people who were in the military. People come together to honor and celebrate those people who died for the U.S. The date has been celebrated since the 1860s. As a symbol to remember and respect those people who have died, many Americans wear a red poppy (a type of flower) on Memorial Day.

Although the history of Memorial Day is important, most people also consider Memorial Day weekend to be the unofficial first weekend of the summer. Often, Americans will go on a vacation to the beach or to a warm location. In Miami, there is nice weather all year, but in other states, especially in the north of the country, Memorial Day is the first warm day in a long time, so people celebrate the beginning of summer. Miami Beach is always very crowded with tourists. Other people prefer to remember the traditional meaning of the holiday by going to cemeteries to put flowers on the graves of the people who died for their country. Unfortunately, many people now forget about the traditional meaning and see Memorial Day as a time for parties and celebration instead of remembrance and honor.

If you come to school on Monday, it will look like this. Empty!