Have you seen the blue bin?

Most of you probably didn’t notice because you are focused on your coffee, but there is an important blue bin next to the coffee machine at EC Miami. What is this blue bin? It’s the recycling bin and we would REALLY love if our students would help us to keep our school clean and green. So, if you have recyclable items such as paper or bottles, please put them in the special blue bin. But, why is it important to recycle? Most of us learned about it during school as kids, but do we really do it? We hope that you will think twice about throwing  bottles in the trash can after you read some of these fun facts about recycling. 1) Recycling paper uses 30-50% less energy than making paper from trees. 2) Paper can be recycled into paper towels, tissue and toilet paper. 3) An aluminum can may be recycled many, many, many times in a row. Recycled cans can be made into new cans or different products that use aluminum. 4)  In the U.S., we throw away approx. 2.5 million plastic bottles every hour. When we don’t recycle these bottles, they end up in landfills and these are getting very full. 5) If plastic bottles are burned, instead of recycled, they often release harmful gases into the Earth’s atmosphere. So, next time you finish your bottle of Coca Cola, make sure you put it in the correct bin. Just look beside the coffee machine, near Elisa’s office!

Friday Game Day

It’s Friday! Students are all excited for the weekend and are usually pretty eager to play games instead of studying grammar during class. Our teachers at EC Miami are fantastic and they find ways to make the students happy and keep them learning by playing speaking games or grammar games. The CAE and FCE classes, which are closing today, combined together on this rainy Friday to play some of these fun games. First, we played a game called “Have you ever…” This speaking game asked students to use the present perfect and simple past tenses to answer questions about crazy things they have done in the past. We learned a lot about each other including some surprising wild adventures we have had in the past! Next, we played another speaking game that involved forming yes/no questions. We all were given sticky notes with names written on them, but we put them on our foreheads, so we couldn’t see our “name.” We had to ask yes/no questions to our classmates to find out who we were. The people ranged from Bart Simpson to Lady Gaga to Spiderman. The students had a great time guessing each other. So, as you can see, fun games can be English-related too!

Good luck on your Exams!

Today, all of our students taking Cambridge exams had their final day of classes at EC Miami. These students have been here for 12 weeks and Miami has become their second home. They learned a lot in class about grammar and outside of class about the benefits of living in a party city. Two of our Cambridge students were all student ambassadors and we are sadly saying goodbye to them. They have been extremely helpful in volunteering their time and energy and they have represented EC Miami very well. The students will be taking their FCE and CAE exams next week and we wish them the best of luck. We know that they all worked very hard and they will be very excited to be finished. As long as they get enough sleep and don’t go out the night before the test, we are sure they will work their hardest and hopefully pass!

Can you do what Mark can do?

Mark, one of our amazing EC Miami teachers, is a very creative guy. While teaching his Intermediate class recently he decided to make sure they were awake, but doing something crazy! The class was learning how to express ability using “can” and “can’t”. He challenged the students to say AND show what they can and can’t do. Mark surprised his students by showing him that he can put both of his feet behind his head. He is really flexible! All of the students were truly amazed, started laughing, and many of them got their cameras out to take pictures of their teacher in a funny position on the floor. Mark may have looked strange during that lesson, but I don’t think the students will forget the difference between “can” and “can’t” now!

June Student of the Month

Every time we have a new teacher of the month, we also have a new student of the month. So, we have to say goodbye to May’s Student of the Month, Sandro, who is getting ready to take his FCE exam and head back to Switzerland. Now, it’s time to say hello to our new Student of the Month, Hugo Mello from Minas Gerais, Brazil, who is in Eric’s class. Let’s find out more about Hugo’s time in Miami. Hugo’s Miami Recommendation Miami is a great city for you! Actually, I don’t know you, but here in Miami you can do anything! If you like sports, you can go; if you like night clubs, your problem will be “which night club today?”; if you like beach, you will see a great one and if you haven’t good English, don’t worry! Here people are very polite and with goodwill for help you! Enjoy! Eric’s Comments about Hugo Hugo is very polite and helpful in class, and will always help the students next to him if they need it. HE learns new material very quickly and never hesitates to volunteer an answer or participate in class discussion. I believe his progress will be very impressive here. Yes, we will watch his career with great interest. Watch out! He is a Capoeira master and a hit with all the ladies. At EC he is known as “The Brazilian One.” Stand up when he enter the room – he demands respect!

June Teacher of the Month

Congratulations to our Teacher of the Month for June – Eric! Eric has taught a few different levels at EC Miami since he started working here, but right now he is our Pre-Intermediate class teacher. He team teaches with Mark, so he also teaches the Intermediate students sometimes. Eric is remembered by many students for a lecture he gave on scuba diving when he allowed students to try on his very heavy scuba gear. Keep on reading to find out more about Eric! Teacher’s Hometown I was born in Colorado Springs, Colorado, but I don’t have a hometown because I moved every 4 years of my life. Teacher’s Miami Recommendations If you like the outdoors, Miami-Dade Parks has the 3rd largest park system in the U.S. The 263 parks offer nature and environmental experiences, educations and cultural opportunities and sports and fitness activities. South Florida has excellent beaches and water sports activities like fishing, boating and scuba diving. Biscayne National Park, for example, is close to Miami and is one of the best parks for its islands and water activities. Teacher’s English Tip “A lot” is not a word. Always leave a space. Remember this is a lot of space in outer space. You don’t write “alittle” or “adonkey.” So, don’t write “a lot”. Watch a lot of T.V. and listen to music in English but don’t listen to English music. It’s terrible. Speak only English in class. Spean ONLY English in class!!! Full immersion will get you full benefits. Speak to native speakers outside of class. Pronunciation is important-but don’t lose the accent entirely. If you’re single, many people will find it attractive.