Living our Core Values

Just a few of our amazing EC Miami teachers!

Last week the teachers and staff at EC Miami did an activity to congratulate each other for living our core values. EC Miami staff work hard every day to “live” the 4 core values of the EC organization, which are:

-We love what we do.

-We go the extra mile.

-We promise what we deliver.

-We have a can-do mindset.

During our activity we gave examples of times that we saw our co-workers demonstrating one of these key values and the winners were our teachers Juan and Mark. These great guys tied for the most votes and we are all very proud of them.

People said that Juan continually went the extra mile and had a can-do mind set because he had to travel a long way to get to EC Miami every day but he always arrives with a smile on his face. He also always says he “can do” every activity on the calendar and his name is all over it as a student leader.

The teachers said that Mark went the extra mile and loved what he did because he spends time helping the new teachers with their lessons. Also, during graduation ceremonies he is always getting the students pumped up and excited and it is clear that he loves what he is doing.

During our conversation we had many more stories like these and we plan to showcase a new core value for the next few days on our Facebook page. Check it out for more fantastic stories about our amazing EC Miami staff!