Crazy U.S. Laws

Did you know that in the state of Florida it is illegal to sing in public while wearing a bathing suit? So, that means no more singing on the beach! Today, Juan gave our afternoon classes and some interested students a lecture on crazy U.S. laws. We learned a lot about serious laws that many people debate, such as the drinking age and gun laws, but Juan also told us about a few somewhat ridiculous laws such as the singing one. Keep reading to find out just a few of the ridiculous laws around the U.S.

  • In California, it is against the law to eat oranges in your bathtub. Students at EC San Diego, EC Los Angeles and EC San Francisco need to be careful about mixing fruit and bath time!
  • In Alabama women must not wear high heels. It doesn’t matter if they want to go out to a party or a hot date, no heels allowed!
  • In New York you are not allowed to talk inside an elevator and you must look at the door, not the other people. We know that New Yorkers have a stereotype of being unfriendly, but that’s a little crazy! Students at EC New York need to be careful about how they act in the elevator!
  • In Florida men are not allowed to wear strapless dresses. It’s okay for men to wear dresses, but if the dress has straps, they could have trouble with the police!

Many of these laws are completely ridiculous and they are not enforced very often. But, they are still fun to learn about because someone had to “break this law” for it to become a law! Does your country have any crazy laws?