Lynnette’s Class Does the Cupid Shuffle

IMG_0208If you peeked into Lynnette’s Low Intermediate class today you would have seen something that might have confused you. They were dancing?! How is dancing part of learning English? Keep reading to find out!

Lynnette is such a creative teacher and she loves to give her students challenges, so when she was teaching action verbs, she decided to make her class move. They danced to “The Cupid Shuffle” which is a song that tells you what to do using action verbs like spin, turn, bounce, kick and more. This song is also great for learning prepositions of place because it tells you to go to the left, the right, the front, the back.  If you know your action verbs and prepositions well enough, you will be able to move the same as everyone else in the room, but you have to listen carefully.

Great work Low Intermediate students and Lynnette!