Sunflower Growing Competition!

ALL EC schools are taking part in the Sunflower Growing competition. What does this mean? It means we will buy some sunflower seeds (suitable for growing indoors), some compost and a pot, and we’ll seed who can grow the biggest plant.

The winning school will be given €100 to donate to the environmental charity of their choice, and there will also be a ‘special prize’ for the most amusing sunflower photo.

But why on earth are we having a sunflower growing competition?

Well, sunflowers are a great way to bring a little brightness into our schools. They symbolise positivity in many cultures, they’re environmentally versatile (used for biofuel, cooking oil, etc.) and the seeds taste great. The competition part will be great for getting everyone engaged in a meaningful activity that raises awareness of ecology and can be used as a platform for looking at deeper issues concerning the environment.

Remember, this is EC-wide, so it’s no good saying ‘I haven’t botany seeds’. Everyone needs to be pollen their weight.

So what are you waiting for? Grow for it! We’ll have a group-wide planting day on Friday 3rd May. Each week, every centre will post a photo(synthesis) of their sunflower next to a tape measure, so we can track progress. The competition will end on 31st July, but this date may be reviewed depending on how green your fingers are.

So let’s get the competitive spirit going and grow the tallest sunflower EVER!