Idiom of the Week — “See eye to eye”


This week’s idiom is (not) being demonstrated by Michelle and Shawn. Why is it “not” being demonstrated? Because they are literally looking in each others eyes. This, however, is not the correct meaning of “seeing eye to eye” with someone.

Idioms are strange; you can’t use a dictionary to learn about them. Idioms need to be used and practiced in order to truly understand them. “Seeing eye to eye” is essentially agreeing with someone on a particular point, or subject. Imagine you’re planning to order food with a friend. You want pizza, but your friend wants to get something healthier like a salad. In this case, you and your friend wouldn’t see eye to eye on dinner.

But when you and your friend (or anyone else for that matter), share the same opinion and/or idea, then you “see eye to eye” on that particular point.

One thing that everyone can see eye to eye on, is that idioms are a big part of learning at our Miami English School!