Idiom of the Week – “Ring in the New Year”

Well, it’s finally here.  The end of the year.  All the plans and hopes that we had for 2013 have either all come true (hopefully), or we fell short of our goals for the year.  No worries, because the New Year is the only time where we can wipe our slates clean and have a (somewhat) fresh start!.

EC Miami English School will certainly have classes during the week of the change to the New Year, but there will be no classes on January 1, so that gives students and staff alike plenty of time to ring in the New Year.  I (Mark) have some former students from earlier this year and last year that have been making plans to return and ring in the New Year here in Miami!  Some people have big parties, while others prefer quiet evenings at home ringing in the New Year with their families and close friends.

In many countries, traditions vary related to ringing in the New Year.  In Brazil, for example, it is typical for people celebrating to wear all white, as a symbol of good luck and prosperity.  In Colombia, many people ring in the New Year by packing a suitcase (and perhaps even bringing a passport!) and running around the neighborhood — as a way of ensuring that there will be lots of traveling in the New Year!

One typical way to ring in the New Year worldwide is to count down from ten at midnight, and then celebrate by drinking champagne with the people you are with (as long as there are no party poopers!).

How will You ring in the New Year?  More specifically, how will you celebrate the arrival of the New Year on December 31 and January 1?