Selina Comes Back to Visit!!



As a teacher, it’s always nice when former students come back to say hello.  Websites like Facebook and Twitter also make it very easy to stay in touch with students once they go back to their home country.  Today, one of my former students, Selina, came to visit during her vacation in Miami.  Selina was my student here in Cambridge ESOL courses at EC Miami in 2012, and we’ve stayed in contact since then.  She came to Miami last week to do an exchange project with students from the Unversity of Miami as part of her Masters program.  Since she finshed with her work, she came over to the beach to work on her tan and say hello to us!  It was so wonderful catching up with Selina, getting a hug and a smile, and laughing about the difference between “Tuesday” and “Thursday”.

 Also, we posed for this picture five times.  Selina had to be sure her “good side” was being captured.  I look equally creepy in all the pictures.

— Mark