Idiom of the Week – “Heat Up”


Spring is quickly turning to Summer, and for EC Miami students taking their English course in the US, that means one thing: the weather is going to heat up!

If we didn’t have air conditioning in our classrooms, the rooms would heat up very quickly.  A closed door, electronic equipment that is turned-on, and a room full of people will have that effect!  Sometimes, when the car heats up too much, we can roll the windows down to let the extra heat out.  Many of us bring food with us to work, and then will heat it up when it’s time for lunch.

The phrase “heat up” simply means to make or become warmer in temperature.  We can also use it to talk about other situations, like saying “The soccer game is starting to heat up” tells us that the game is getting more exciting.

The perfect expression for the upcoming Summer ..  and World Cup!