Student testimonial: Alice from Italy

Our students know that EC is the best place for ESOL Miami courses, and they are excited to share why they chose EC, what they love about EC and why they would recommend EC to their friends! Come meet one of our students in the spotlight, Alice from Italy!

Alice takes ESOL Miami courses at EC

“Hi, I’m Alice, an Italian EC student. I choose this destination because I think Miami is a cool city. You can mix your studies with fun at the same time. Also EC here is very good. All staff are funny and available for every problems, all type of assistance, and sometime they organize interesting trip around the city. I also appreciate that the classes are not too much big and this is good because the teachers can take care of all single student. For sure I will recommend it to my friends, and at everyone that want learn English. School is a good way to meet people from different countries and you can go back after this experience not just with the English knowledge but also learn something about different cultures. For sure I wouldn’t forget this experience. Right now it is my second month here and I have just one more month to spend here. I’m sure will be even better than the previous.”

Name: Alice Galigani

Nationality: Italian

Age: 22

Course: Intensive 30

Level: Cambridge Advanced Exam Prep