Student of the Month: Thamer Aldibasi

EC Miami English School Student of the Month - Sept 2015
Thamer Aldibasi from Saudi Arabia


Meet Thamer Aldibasi from Saudi Arabia. He brought his 1-year old daughter to EC Miami to show her around the place where he learn English. In actuality, he brought her to high-five all of the teachers who have helped improve his English communication skills!

His teacher, Gammal, awarded him the EC Miami’s Student of the Month award. According to Gammal, Thamer is an excellent student and he actively participated in class. He also uses expressions and new words that he learns in class right away. Thamer also wrote a paragraph about his learning experience with EC Miami. He mentioned his wonderful experience and how he have improved tremendously upon his arrival at EC Miami.


I have a very wonderful experience in EC Miami. Thanks to EC Miami, I can talk and communicate with people and this is due to the effort of the teachers and staff. Special thanks to Jessica, Michelle, and Kristin as well as my teachers Rafael, Alexis, Chris, Gammal, and Ian. I strongly advise everyone to learn English at EC Miami.

Thamer Aldibasi

Saudi Arabia