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Otavio talks about his journey as EC Miami's Student Ambassador
Otavio Luiz, EC Miami Student Ambassador


Meet Otavio Dantas Lima De Castro from Rio De Janeiro, Brazil! He chose to study English in the USA because he wanted to be surrounded by amazing sceneries, wonderful weather, and English speaking individuals who could improve his communication skills in English. As he reminisce his last few weeks in Miami, he talks about his incredibly unique experience as an EC Miami student, a Student Ambassador for EC Miami, and a tourist from Brazil!

Otavio was one of the many students who watched the Miami Heat Game live at the American Airline Arena. What made this experience unique to him was he was given the opportunity to be on the Miami Heat Basketball Court after the game and shoot some hoops! Let’s read more about his wonderful time with EC Miami

It’s almost time for me to go back home. I have to say that I chose EC Miami because of this wonderful city called Miami Beach. As you know, the stunning beaches, the great weather and touristic attractions were a must for me. So far, my English has become so much more fluent that I feel so comfortable with the language and have really no problems in expressing myself. It feels like the English language is in my blood as it comes out so naturally now. I have to be really thankful for the teachers, the lessons, and the great knowledge that has been given to me. I am quite sure that my teachers can notice my knowledge and that they can see my improvement throughout my stay in Miami.

The activities that I’ve enjoyed the most? Well, there are so many to list but let me mention some of them: Key West snorkling, Basketball game and the Everglades. These experiences will never be forgotten, moreover, there are still some more until the end of my stay.

Talking about the lessons, what I’ve liked the most were the conversations, the teachers’ explanations on the topics, and the fun we’ve had. Definitely I would recommend EC to a friend, here you can have a really great time, meet new friends, improve your English and have lots of fun. Throughout my stay, I’ve made so many new friends from various countries of the world. I hope that in the future I will be able to see at least some of them again.

When I leave at the end of November, I will miss everything from here: The school, the staff, the city of Miami, my host family and the fun that Miami has to offer. It will be nice to keep in touch with the staff and the teachers from EC, as now I consider you guys a part of my life as well.

Otavio Dantas Lima De Castro

EC Miami Student Ambassador


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