Private lessons at EC MIAMI are great !

  Hi everyone, What would you do if you feel you have a busy schedule,need to focus on certain language skills or just want to have a more detailed attention from your teacher? I think the best answer for this questions would be :Come to our school and book private lessons at your own convenience. What are private lessons ? Private lessons or one to one lessons are a wonderful choice for busy professionals or people who need to work more closely on certain language skills. Our teachers will work with the students more closely.They are going to be able to spend more time brushing up difficult sounds.Teachers will go over challenging grammar structures or provide the students with vocabulary specifically designed for the learner. Why are they so convenient ? One private lesson normally lasts forty five minutes, but if you are interested you can book as many lessons as you want or need. We happily  provide students flexible hours to take them.We might also be able to accommodate the lessons to the students’ busy schedules. Our experienced teachers have covered a wide range of topics with our private students.We have trained air traffic controllers ,influencers, models, doctors, and people from all the walks of life. Our success story : Today I want to share with you the experience of a super nice Swiss couple who took some private lessons in order to improve their English grammar, speaking and overall confidence. Melanija and Pascal, are visiting our beautiful city with two clearly set goals : learn English in Miami and enjoy their time after an extremely busy year. After reviewing all their options, they decided to book some lessons, and started to take them twice a week.During these last two weeks, we have practiced several tenses together, used them … Read more

Visit to the Everglades with EC Miami Students!

If you are ever coming to South Florida, definitely you can’t miss an entertaining visit to the Everglades, is that right or what? Our students at EC English School Miami are pretty aware of having that cool chance to go down there from sunny lively South Beach. Having a car trip down to the Everglades is a must, let me tell you that. Nothing compares to going and seeing our Florida-famous alligators. Upon arrival, our constantly-curious students take a wind-hitting ride on the Air boat so that the views might be better enjoyed. Don’t even be that surprised if all of a sudden an alligator swims over to the Air boat.Those “green lovely-scary boys” might show up with a loud noise right in the middle of the calm atmosphere that the Everglades always have to offer. Listen up! No need to be scared, though. “It’s a combination of scary and exciting”, Says Natalia, one of our students coming from colorful Colombia! Right after the thrilling Air boat ride, our students take advantage, obviously, to take amazing pics with “baby alligators” (isn’t that sweet?). And even a few minutes later, they are ready to enjoy that show in which one of the Everglades guys sticks his head where it doesn’t belong, (LOL) the mouth of an alligator, no less! “It’s awesome!”, says Yoshiki from Japan.       If you look in the photos above – you’ll see our charming students in the Intermediate class coming from all over the world, including Colombia, Japan, and Switzerland. In this way, you will get an idea of plenty of plans to do when coming to Miami. On trips like these, students have an opportunity to get a good memory and even a story to tell their close ones. If you are interested in … Read more

Salam- EC Miami's student ambassador

Meet Salman, our new student ambassador from Saudi Arabia.

Let’s welcome our new student ambassador from Saudi Arabia. 🙂   Name: Salman Zaki Arab Home Country: Jeddah, Saudi Arabia Course Type: Advanced Why did you choose to study in Miami? Because od the life in Miami and I would love to use two languages on the street. What do you like the best about the city? The amount of activities What interested you about becoming an EC Miami Student Ambassador? Because, Why not? Its a challenge and I love challenges. What is your #1 recommendation for new students at EC Miami? Try to find balance. Yes, Miami is crazy and fun, but you can also take care of your studies. If you found that balance, you will have so much fun.     EC is renowned as one of the best Language Schools in Miami

Meet another new student ambassador, Ranja.

Meet another new student ambassador, Ranja.

Let’s welcome another outgoing and energetic student ambassador! 🙂   Hey! My name is Ranja (Nia) Mariem El Bed. I am 20 years old and live in Bern, Switzerland. My Mom is Swiss and my Dad is Tunisian. I speak three languages: German, English and French (and Swiss German) but inside of the EC all I can speak is English 😉 I have three siblings. A younger brother who’s 17 and two half sister that are 7 and 10 years old. I work in a Childcare and I just finished my apprenticeship in June. When I get home from my trip I want to do a diploma for being a Make Up artist. In the time I’m not working I enjoy my singing lessons, Make Up, spending time with family and friends and watching Netflix. ALOT of Netflix. For example: Quantico, the Blacklist, Stranger Things, Orphan Black, Pretty little liar etc. This is my first time in America. I love to travel I’ve already been to Barcelona, Gran Canaria, London, Paris, Varazze (Italy), Malta, Berlin and Munich but my favorite place is my second home: Sousse in Tunisia. I came here to take ESL Courses in Miami. My goal in Miami is to pass the Cambridge Test and go home with a CAE, which will help me in my future job applications. My favorite activities here are lying on the Beach, going out to dance and having a drink with new people I met at the EC. While I am here I will also do different trips. I’ve been to Orlando and the Bahamas and we’re planning to visit the Keys as well. My job as Student Ambassador is to be your Voice if it comes to any wishes you have. So if you have a new idea or a question … Read more

Meet our new student ambassador, Ewa.

Meet our new student ambassador, Ewa.

 Let’s welcome our new student ambassador, Ewa! 🙂   My name is Ewa Katharina Schiffmann. I live on a horse ranch in Germany, my hometown is near Hamburg. My nationality is Swedish I speak three languages German, English and Swedish. I have three siblings two sisters and one twin brother our date of birth was on the 4th November 1998. I will be 19 in Miami. In my spare time, I ride my horse and go on competitions, do some fitness, meet my friends, sailing with my family or watch good movies, my favorite is Burlesque with Christina Aguilera. I love to travel my favorite places are Paris, Stockholm, Helsinki, Oslo, London, Barcelona, Mykonos, New York and Miami. Someday I want to visit the Maldives. Next year in March I begin my study in food development at a university in Hamburg, it’s important for the study to have good English skills, that’s why I’m here to take English lessons in Miami. My favorite activities in Miami are biking, fitness and of course to lie on the beach. If you have any questions you can always ask me!      

Gustavo Melo De Souza Perroni from Brazil : A graduate English student

Meet graduate student “Gustavo” from Brazil! He graduated from EC Miami today. He spent almost a month to improve his English skills at EC Miami. He was a  serious student that was always the first one to arrive at school every day. At this moment, and on this blog, I want him to share with you guys how he spends unforgettable and unbelievable times in Miami.   Read on to find out what he wants to share and express about his experiences in Miami!   First of all, why did I choose Miami? There’s an amazing weather in Miami! And also in my opinion, Miami is the best city in the U.S. I met some Brazilians, I was able to improve my English a lot and avoided speaking Portuguese. My agent recommended EC Miami to me.My experience at EC Miami was completely much more awesome than my expectation before I started my course at EC Miami. Because Teachers were incredibly amazing , they gave effectively reading, writing, listening, speaking and grammar lessons to us to improve our English skills as soon as possible that make it so much easier than you think. And in the class, they have a fantastic atmosphere where a lot of nationalities are mixed in the class,it makes us easier to have a conversation and even make a lot of fantastic friends. Secondly, I want to talk about my experiences at homestay. Living with an American family was a totally precious experience. I could enjoy the traditional culture in Miami with my host family who took me to the city and explained me many things about it. They were very kind and friendly! Finally, There are a lot of things to do in Miami Beach . For example, going to the beach, shopping in many malls,visiting interesting places to have an awesome nightlife and lots of restaurants … Read more

Ippei Suzuki from Japan: A Student at EC Miami

We have tons of diverse students from all over the world at EC Miami. They are having fun olearning English and exploring the FANTASTIC city of “Miami” during their period of living in Miami. Let me introduce one of these students, Ippei Suzuki, who is from Japan. He has already spent two months in Miami and going to spent almost one more month here. Read on to find out what he wants to share and express about his experiences in Miami! “First of all, why I chose Miami to have a studying abroad is that the weather in Miami is totally amazing, and I can’t see and meet many Japanese people which makes it easier to make a lot of fantastic friends who are from all over the world. Secondly I am going to talk about atmosphere and style in the class. I’m seriously satisfied with focusing on leaning grammar and writing in English. Furthermore, our teachers give enough time to have a conversation with students so that we definitely improve skills for conversation (speaking and listening) in English. And my favorite point in the class is the teacher’s funny stories that also help me to improve listening skills. I definitely feel that I have been improving my English skills since I arrived in Miami thanks to great teachers and atmosphere. Finally, I want to share couple of recommendations that you can experience around Miami. My most favorite thing is chilling out on the beach. One of the most beautiful beaches in the world is just 15 minutes away from the school by walking and 3 minutes away from residence by walking. And also you can taste diverse cuisines (Latin, Caribbean, European, Asian etc…). It has awesome nightlife and more! I am completely sure that you will be able to have unforgettable experiences and memories while you are learning English in … Read more

Philip at the NBA Game

EC Miami’s new Ambassador: Philip

    Meet Philip, 23 from Switzerland. He is a new ambassador and when he is asked about EC Miami, he replied:   I choose Miami Beach because some of my friends were at EC Miami and they recommended it to me. I also got here because of the mostly good and warm weather and of course the parties. Here I learned a lot about the people in Miami and also about the city itself. I was also able to see my first progress after three weeks at school. I’m really happy that EC is a modern facility with colorful chairs and walls, it makes everything look comfortable and friendly. The lessons are build up in a good way and easy to follow. Currently my favorite activity was the Miami Heat basketball game. I was able to get the full atmosphere and feeling of a real American game. It was very entertaining. To the question “What did you like the most about your accommodation?” I answer without hesitation my neighbors. Whenever I walk out of my room I see some other students that I can sit to and chat. No matter if you go to the beach or to a party, there are always some students that will join you. In other words: You’re never bored at the Loft if you don’t want to. Today, my new friends are mostly from Switzerland, but also from Sweden, Turkey, Netherlands, Denmark, France, Brazil, Korea and Italy. I will remember my new friends, the activities and Miami itself.

NBA Game

NBA Game, Heats vs Nets

    EC Miami encourages students to participate in activities to enjoy the American way of life and to improve their English speaking. On Monday, March 28th the Miami Heat played against the Brooklyn Nets at the American Airlines Arena. Here’s the review of our intern, Celine from France. “I played basketball for a long time so it was obvious that I have to participate to this activity! It was my second NBA Game after Miami Heats vs Atlanta Hawks. Of course, we won: 110 vs 99. The game was tight all along. The Nets didn’t give up but the Heats were stronger. The legend, Dwayne Wade, who is also the best scorer of the Heat, had 30 goal marks and Hassan Whiteside had 27. During half-time the famous cheerleaders did the show, we also saw Flo Rida and we had the opportunity to be on the court after the game to throw some balls into the basket. We were a huge group, 50 EC Students at least! I loved this atmosphere and the American show. Anyway, I recommend this activity to everyone! You can check on the event calendar at the front desk or at your house on EC Online to see if there is one planned during your stay!”   – Celine, France

Louis, new ambassador

Learn English at EC Miami as an Ambassador

  At EC Miami, we encourage students to be part of the EC Miami Student Ambassador program as another way to learn English. As a reward, the Student Ambassador will receive a letter of recommendation and a special certificate! This week, our student testimonial is about one of the new ambassadors at EC Miami, meet Louis.   Hi out there! I’m Louis, 25 from Switzerland. The main reason I chose to be an ambassador is to get in touch with many other people from all over the world. As far as I’m concerned, I’m a very outgoing person who likes nearly all kinds of sport and travelling. In Switzerland I graduated in marketing and I will go back to university in late 2016. However, first I will enjoy my time here in Miami with you guys!