“A Christmas Story”

It’s the Holiday season at EC Miami English School!  Today was the last day of class until after Christmas, and I wanted to share one of my favorite holiday traditions with my students today:  We watched my favorite holiday movie, A Christmas Story.  No, it’s not another reworking of the … Read more

Movies Filmed in Miami

Today, we wanted to show the movie, “The Bird Cage” to give students an opportunity to improve their listening skills. This funny movie has many scenes which are filmed in South Beach, especially near the hotels in the Art Deco District. In fact, many movies are set in Miami and its a fu … Read more

Rainy Days on Miami Beach

Although Miami Beach is sunny and beautiful most of the time, there are rainy days every now and then, which mean that a typical beach-bathing afternoon is not always an option. After hearing some EC Miami students express disappointment about the last few rainy, overcast, or windy days we thought w … Read more