Wynwood Tour with Sandra Falcon, the host.

As a really important aspect of being a student at EC English School Miami, we consider that social interaction is a must, and we also think it is a pretty good idea to interact with our teachers out of the classroom and the school itself. Besides, it is no secret that such social interaction would gladly take place while going around places in town. This is the very reason why we came up with the idea of having our amazing students enjoy a tour around the Wynwood area in Miami Downtown on Friday night. Wynwood district is a zone of the city characterized by its lively, colorful, and urban vibe. At some point, Miamians have heard that Wynwood has murals full of color and that it is one of the most action-packed districts, if you know what I mean! Street Art is also one of the features of this cool area. The idea was to have students out of the beach picture, and this time, we had Sandra Falcon, our beloved teacher in the Cambridge class, as our awesome host.     According to Sandra, it was a fantastic tour thanks to Veza Sur which invited our EC Miami students to a 20-minute ride on their party bus around Wynwood featuring their own Vezasur Latin Lager. Second on our stop, was the iconic brewery, Wynwood Concrete Beach, which generously invited our students to a complimentary 1-hour ultimate craft beer experience featuring their malty golden Pilsner, So, on behalf of EC Miami, we extend a warm Thank You to these two local breweries. Our next visit included the graffiti walls which featured the new Art Basel derived street art. Finally our students hit the Friday music scene at places like Dirty Rabbit and 1-800 Lucky Bistro, where the DJ injected life … Read more

Private lessons at EC MIAMI are great !

  Hi everyone, What would you do if you feel you have a busy schedule,need to focus on certain language skills or just want to have a more detailed attention from your teacher? I think the best answer for this questions would be :Come to our school and book private lessons at your own convenience. What are private lessons ? Private lessons or one to one lessons are a wonderful choice for busy professionals or people who need to work more closely on certain language skills. Our teachers will work with the students more closely.They are going to be able to spend more time brushing up difficult sounds.Teachers will go over challenging grammar structures or provide the students with vocabulary specifically designed for the learner. Why are they so convenient ? One private lesson normally lasts forty five minutes, but if you are interested you can book as many lessons as you want or need. We happily  provide students flexible hours to take them.We might also be able to accommodate the lessons to the students’ busy schedules. Our experienced teachers have covered a wide range of topics with our private students.We have trained air traffic controllers ,influencers, models, doctors, and people from all the walks of life. Our success story : Today I want to share with you the experience of a super nice Swiss couple who took some private lessons in order to improve their English grammar, speaking and overall confidence. Melanija and Pascal, are visiting our beautiful city with two clearly set goals : learn English in Miami and enjoy their time after an extremely busy year. After reviewing all their options, they decided to book some lessons, and started to take them twice a week.During these last two weeks, we have practiced several tenses together, used them … Read more

An ESL Instructor from Colombia

Learn English with EC Miami’s Teacher of the Month

  Congratulations to Gammal Zambrano as he was awarded Teacher of the Month! He is an English as a Second Language (ESL) Instructor and he is from Bogota, Colombia. He recommends any visitors and students to go to Flanigan’s in North Miami Beach because it is a nice place to watch sports while you can also enjoy all kinds of beer and the most varied munchies for a reasonable prices. He also implement a healthy lifestyle for the students by leading an EC Miami Basketball Club and play basketball with the students every Wednesday. You can count on him to help you learn English every day! He also awarded Thamer Aldibasi the title of EC Miami Student of the Month.

Ian's excellent teaching skills and his dedication to help EC Miami students learn English gave him the Teacher of the Month Award

Learn English with Our Teacher of the Month: Ian Brailsford

  EC Miami staff appointed Ian Brailsford as teacher of the month. His dedication to help EC Miami run food-based activities for students made it easier for students to learn English informally. Learn more about Ian.   I am an English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) instructor from Baltimore, Maryland. Although I have a Master Degree in Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL), I have a random job history which includes: civil engineer, archaeologist, barista, caterer for rock stars, and beer. If you are considering visiting Miami during the holidays, I recommend you to eat at Taco Rico on Mondays for $1 tacos. If you like beer, The Abby is a small bar which serves its own micro-brews and is located just a block from the school. The weather is nice here year-round, so you can swim in the ocean even when it’s winter.   Ian Brailsford    

Idiom of the Week — “Hit the Sack”

  Uh oh.  It looks like these students are taking a nap in class!  Certainly they didn’t come all this way to study English in the USA only to fall asleep in class!  Perhaps they threw a party last night and are trying to catch up on their sleep?  No matter the reason, they clearly need to hit the sack a bit earlier if they want to be successful in their English courses here at EC Miami!  Perhaps hitting the sack by 10 PM would be a good idea, especially if this group has classes starting at 8:30 AM! On weekends, they probably hit the sack much later than usual, but during the week we all need to hit the sack at a decent time so that we can get enough rest for the next day.  By now, you realize that hitting the sack is simply going to bed and getting some sleep.  What time do you usually hit the sack?

Academic Lecture – Relaxation Techniques

  Here at EC Miami, we try to provide many opportunities for our students to practice outside of their English courses.  Many activities are organized (such as this weekend’s BBQ), and we also invite outside guests to come to the school and give a lecture on a topic of interest.  Often, teachers at the school will volunteer to speak about something that they are particularly passionate or knowledgeable about (Like Eric’s SCUBA lecture last month!) Today, Michelle gave two lectures on relaxation techniques.  Looking at the picture above, you would think that Reese was taking a nap in class, but really she was practicing a breathing exercise that Michelle was teaching the group at that time.  If there were audio, you would hear Michelle counting and talking them through the exercise. Students that are here for an Academic Year in the USA are required to write about the lecture the following week.  Check back soon to see the student writing!

Staff Member of the Month — Mark Little!

The Staff Member of the Month is Mark Little, one of our Full-Time Instructors here at EC Miami.  Students looking at US language schools may see him around! Hometown: Washington, D.C. Mark’s Miami Recommendation: Get off of South Beach and experience the rest of Miami and South Florida!  Catch a Marlins game at Marlins Park and check out Little Havana.  Swim with dolphins in Key Largo.  Go snorkeling in the Keys!  There’s so much more in South Florida than the clubs. Mark’s English Advice: Step outside of your comfort zone and take a chance.  Learning a language is not easy, but it doesn’t happen just by looking at a book and writing answers.  Talk to people.  Read in English 30 minutes a day.  Put away your bilingual dictionary/translator.  The more you depend on translating to your native language, the more difficult it will be.  If I can learn another language, you can do twice as well!

Academic Lecture – Eric Talks SCUBA!

  Another month, another Academic Lecture for our students taking an English course in the US.  Today, Eric (who has come back to South Florida after spending a few months working in Alaska!) spoke about one of his personal passions:  SCUBA diving. SCUBA (short for Self-Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus), is very popular here in Florida.  No matter where you are in the state, you are never more than one hour away from the ocean!  Eric spoke to the students about the different equipment that is needed to safely go diving, what you can expect while underwater, and brought in some of the equipment for the students to examine.  The underwater pictures were particularly stunning, showing moray eels, sharks, rays, turtles, and dolphins. Check back in a few days to see some of the student essays from today’s activity!

Join The EC Miami World Cup Group!

It’s Easy!  It’s Fun!  IT’S FREE!!! The World Cup is starting tomorrow in Brazil, and the students and staff here at EC Miami are super excited.  WE ARE SUPER EXCITED!  In order to help everyone get into the spirit, we have created a group on Yahoo! It’s easy to join.  All you need is a (free) Yahoo! ID. Just go to this link, and sign up!  The password is the same as our wireless password here at the school.  Something a little different in addition to your English course in the US!