Student Testimonial: Elisabeth Korrodi

Elisabeth Korrodi is student from Switzerland who came to learn English in Canada.

Here is what she would like to share about her English course at EC Montreal:

Elisabeth Korrodi from Switzerland  is learning English in Canada with EC Montreal

I choose Montreal because my daughter came to Montreal 10 years ago.
At EC I have been learning a lot about grammar. I hope that I could improve my English. My favorite EC activities were the grammar lessons.

What I liked the most it was the friendly contact between the students and of course the activities with IKO tours with Marcus and his team, they were very amazing. J

Only the long way to commute was sometimes boring.

Of course I will recommend EC to a friend. At EC I made new friends from Brazil, Japan, Taiwan and Korea. It has been a very nice and enjoyable time here in Montreal.

Elisabeth Korrodi