EC Montreal’s March Teachers of the Month!

Every month, EC Montreal students have a chance to vote for their favorite teacher of the month.  We look forward to this every month, especially to reading all the wonderful comments our students make about their teachers.

This month our students voted for Olga as the English teacher of the month and Yasser for French.  This isn’t Yasser’s first win.  He has won several times before and he is always so very excited.  We surprised him in class with a certificate and small gift.  His students cheered with great enthusiasm and posed proudly with the winning teacher.

This was, however, Olga’s first win.  Although she gets many votes every month, this was her first time winning!  We are so very happy for her.  We surprised her and all her students applauded and were overjoyed with the news.  They too posed very proudly with their teacher and helped her to celebrate this wonderful achievement.

We want to thank all our students who took the time to vote and for all your wonderful comments about our teachers.  We are very proud to share all the comments with you below:

I like her activities in class.

Il est très drôle et très gentil.

He is humorous.

He supports me.

He is really energetic.

He encourages the students to do their best.

Elle est gentile et fail les personnes parlez.

She is so cool.

Elle est gentille.

She’s funny and her lessons are great.

Elle est gentille.

She is the best teacher.

She is happy.

Because of her patience and kindness.

Elle est amusante et agréable.

He is passionate and positive.

He is friendly, kind and his teaching is very funny.

She is patient.

She speaks clearly.

Her classes are so fun!!

She teaches me polite.

She is always patient.

She tries to help you all the time with your questions.

She is so kind.

She is very cute and fun.  Her class is exciting.

J’adore ca classe.

She’s the best!

Elle est la meilleure prof ici!

Très gentille.

She is great.

Great teacher.

She is very kind with the students and she teaches very well.

She is a great teacher.

She is a good teacher.

I like her way of teaching.

She is patient.

She really is a good teacher.

He is awesome.

Good teacher.

He is polite, patient and professional.

Number 1 – excellent teacher.

He’s the best.

Good teaching.

He is so patient and kind!

Enthusiastic teacher!

She’s the best teacher ever!  She’s always available and she’s very kind.

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