EC Montreal’s Annual Strawberry Festival!

It is strawberry season in the province of Quebec!  There are so many fruit farms that grow berries.  It has become tradition for families or school groups to head out to these strawberry fields and spend the day picking and eating delicious berries.  One of the closest and most darling farm close to Montreal’s city center is Quinn Farm.  You can spend the day in the countryside, pick berries and have a picnic.  They even have their own snack bar where they serve the most delicious comfort food!

At EC Montreal, we like to give our students a taste of local flavors. This morning we held our annual strawberry festival at the school.

When the 10:30 bell rang indicating it was break time, the students headed towards the student lounge as usual.  What they weren’t expecting was tables and tables filled with fresh strawberries and strawberry baked goods.  We had donuts, muffins, cupcakes, cookies, strudel, loaf cakes and marshmallows! We even had pitchers of strawberry and banana smoothies on every table!

Our students really enjoy these events that we call ” a taste of Montreal’ and all the opportunities we create for them to interact with each other and make friends!  Students really look forward to these Wednesday activities.  It really helps to create an EC community at the school!

Life is sweet at EC Montreal! Check out our Montreal English Language School and get a sweet taste of Montreal!