Meet EC Montreal’s New Student Ambassador; Yui Sugiyama!

We are delighted to introduce you to EC Montreal’s newest member of the student ambassador team; Yui Sugiyama! We are confident she will make sure all our new students are given a warm and friendly welcome! Here is a little something from Yui:

Hi ! I’m Yui. I’m from Japan and 23 years old. I like to take pictures and I am learning classic ballet. 

I really like Montreal! The people are kind and gentle and the city is beautiful. 

I chose EC Montreal because here there are fewer Japanese students than in other cities. I have been studying here for 2 months and I feel I have improved my English skills. 

I want to become a Student Ambassador to improve my English skills even more. Also, I want to help new students because I know they are nervous on their first day. I want to help them to feel comfortable at school. I believe the experience of Student Ambassador will give me a great experience. 


To Study English Abroad and help other students like you to succeed is always regarding!