Teaching ESL at EC New York City

Though you may not have guessed it from the calm and confident expressions on your English teachers’ faces, teaching isn’t easy.  Each and every one of the teachers at EC New York spends hours preparing for their classes, and hours more in ongoing occupational development workshops. Thur … Read more

Songs about NYC in the ESL classroom

  When students first set eyes upon the concrete jungle of New York City, they might feel overwhelmed and perhaps even intimidated by the noise, bright lights and constant activity. This unfamiliar environment may be even more challenging because of linguistic differences.  What is familiar to … Read more

Spirit Week

So it’s spirit week at EC New York and the spirit is thick! Today is twins day.  Tatiana and Nolan sport their rainbow suspenders. And here Chad and Jamey are both looking sharp in their blue button-downs. Don’t forget that tomorrow is Mismatch day, so wear your stripes with your polka d … Read more

Celebrate Spirit Week at EC New York

Last week was a tough one at EC New York.  EC Sandy shut us down for three days and it screwed up transportation and housing for many people.  But this week we’re back on track, and next week we are going to give it everything we’ve got! If you haven’t already noticed that jars up … Read more

Hurricane Diaries

Here is a wonderful bit of writing from EC student Melissa Rappazzo. What was your own experience of the three days in October that brought New York to a standstill? Monday was the hurricane day so I decided to stay at home. I spent a lot of my day on the internet, especially on facebook and on skyp … Read more

Make Up Classes at EC New York

Were your study plans disrupted by Hurricane Sandy? We know that you sacrificed a lot to travel to New York and to study with us and we feel terrible that you’ve lost some of that time.  That’s why we’ve instated special make up classes, happening this week, totally for free.  For … Read more