Confidence and Practice!


By Nicholas Allanach

One of the greatest things about studying English at EC New York is the way students are able to so easily make new friends. I’m always impressed to see (and hear) students from different locations and diverse backgrounds finding commonality among their peers while practicing English in a safe and encouraging environment. Admittedly, this setting is only as good as the students who engage in it and with the language itself – so use it and speak up!

Despite the comfort of being surrounded by students like yourself, it is still necessary to remain confident and unafraid of making mistakes so as to then learn from them. Whether you’re speaking with friends and teachers here at the EC, or are out exploring one of the most exciting cities in the world, it is up to you to be willing to interact and talk with others. Remember, confidence is key. Communicate with command and a willingness to accept that everyone makes mistakes.

In class, I encourage students to speak with people outside the EC whenever they think it is safe (I even make it a part of class homework.) I believe practice is an essential component of all learning experiences. Of course a key part of practicing anything is accepting beforehand that you will make mistakes. Accordingly, as the old adage goes – “practice makes perfect.” Think of it this way, if you speak with someone at a coffee shop or in a museum, and you make a mistake, you’ll then learn from it and the person, whom you were speaking with, will either never see you again, or (better yet…) become a new friend to help you practice more! Either way, the only way you’ll learn to speak English is to be confident and practice!

So register now for a class at EC New York and let’s get speaking!