Jiaoyu Guo from China shares her EC Experience

The Fall 2015 semester is in full swing at EC Oswego. EC students have the ability to fully participate in all campus activities. There are countless FREE clubs and activities for students that meet every interest and every major! EC students are also learning skills in the classroom that will help them be successful in the university environment. Check out the testimonial below from a former EC student:

“As a new student in America, I learned a lot in EC during these days. Not only did I improve my English skills, but I also learned plenty of American rules and culture. What’s more, I also made some new friends here. All of them helped me to adjust to life here. I really appreciate that I came to Oswego earlier than my friends and spent a month learning in EC. If my friends want to go to Oswego, I will definitely recommend them to take some courses in EC first.

I love everyone here very much, they are so friendly and helped me a lot. The courses are useful to prepare for studying in Oswego. When I came here, I couldn’t speak to people who speak English. I was even afraid that someone would say hello to me since I don’t know how to continue the talk. But now, I can communicate to the western people by myself. The staff here are pretty responsible and patient. They inspired me a lot when I was frustrated. The accommodation is also nice. I enjoyed the days in EC very much.”

Chinese student learns English on Campus at EC Oswego
Jiaoyu “Jerry” Guo/Former EC Student/Current SUNY Oswego Student


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