Shineman Center SUNY Oswego

Inside the Classroom

Welcome back to the EC on campus at SUNY Oswego classroom! Our weather is improving as the next semester at SUNY Oswego begins. While our proud EC grads are getting ready to start their university courses, their EC classmates are hard at work eager to join them. In skills class this week students ha … Read more

Inside the EC Classroom

Welcome to our snowy SUNY Oswego classroom! We continued our discussion skills this week focusing on adolescent and childhood development. Students learned reading subs skills to help them to identify the main ideas and summarize key points in difficult texts. Students practiced taking notes with th … Read more

Inside the Classroom: EC at SUNY Oswego

Welcome to the EC classroom on campus at SUNY Oswego. Even though we’re just back from holidays, our students are already hard at work improving their college English skills. In Core class this week, the higher levels have been practicing their debate skills. They have been reading articles, l … Read more

January Activity Calendar

January Activity Calendar

The start of the year is a quiet time at SUNY Oswego while many students are on winter break but there are still so many fun things to do! The campus has open gym, ice skating, track, etc. for our active students! Please visit the Facebook page for additional things to do and information about SUNY … Read more