Weekend Events!

Don’t let the cold weather bring you down.. go out and participate in one of the MANY events happening on campus this weekend! It is Family and Friends Weekend this weekend on campus, so there are a lot of fun events happening!   Friday, October 21 3 Point Contest  When: 3:30-5:30pm Where … Read more

American Slang Phrase of the Week!

This week’s American Slang Phrase is.. “to play it by ear” Many people use this phrase when trying to make plans to do something!   Phrase: To play it by ear  Meaning: To improvise; to see how something goes, and make a decision later Example: “I’m not sure what I … Read more

Activities for the week!

Happy Monday! A new weekly activity calendar is shown below! It includes talks, celebrations, workshops, movies, theater productions, and comedians! This week is packed full of fun activities, and this coming weekend is friends and family weekend here at Oswego! There are a lot of fun events planned … Read more

Slang Phrase of the Week!

This week’s American Slang Phrase is.. “not my cup of tea”   Phrase: Not my cup of tea Meaning: Do not like something, not a fan of something Example: “I don’t like rock music, it’s just not my cup of tea”       Can you think of a way to … Read more

What is Columbus Day?

Columbus Day was celebrated on Monday, October 10th this year. Students did not have school on this day, but may not know why. Columbus Day is a national holiday in many countries. This holiday celebrates the official anniversary of Christopher Columbus’ arrival in the Unite States on October … Read more

Weekly Activities!

As we had Monday off for Columbus Day, this is a short week! Although that doesn’t change that there are plenty of activities happening on and off campus this week! There are plenty of sporting events, open skates, and art exhibits to be attending! The Library Maker Workshops also look very in … Read more

Weekend Activities!

Here is a list of all the events happening on and off campus this weekend! Get outside and do something fun!   Friday, October 7th Art Exhibit: “Restart” When: 10:00am-4:00pm Where: Tyler Hall What: Artists from around the U.S. show recent work on the topic of “new beginnings … Read more

American Slang Phrase!

This week’s American Slang Phrase pertains specifically to college or high school students! Many high school or college seniors use this phrase, but it is also commonly heard among any grade or age!   Phrase: Senioritis Meaning: Typically when a college senior is in their final semester, … Read more

What is going on this week?

Happy First Week of October! The weather is looking beautiful for this week, so go outside and enjoy it while you can! There are plenty of sporting events to attend after classes this week! Or go outside and see if the leaves have started changing colors yet! This is a beautiful sight to see! Here i … Read more

Happy October!

It is a new month, and that means a new Activity Calendar! October is a great month, because there is so many Fall activities to be doing! Apple picking, pumpkin picking, Fall festivals, and more! There are also a ton of events happening on campus throughout the month including, sporting events, art … Read more