Weekly Activities!

Happy Break! We are on break from EC for this week in between holidays. There are still things happening on campus that you can attend, or as always, there are things to do in Syracuse and Oswego! Most of our students have returned home in between their time at EC and beginning the University in Jan … Read more

Holidays in December

There are a few different holidays celebrated in the United States in the month of December, depending on your religion and beliefs. A few of the biggest holidays are:   Christmas This is an annual holiday in the United States, always falling on December 25. This holiday celebrates the birth of … Read more

Weekend Events

This weekend is Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day! Because of this, a lot of stores will close early on Christmas Eve, and not be open at all on Christmas Day. There are just a few things happening this weekend due to the holiday.   Friday, December 23 Holiday History Shops When: 11am-5pm Where: … Read more

Oswego Winters

Today is the first official day of Winter! We have already have a fair amount of snow, and definitely cold days! Oswego is known for their winters because of the snow, cold, and most of all.. .wind! Luckily, most of the buildings are connected, so you can stay inside as you walk to classes! If you d … Read more

Blog about the Blogger

Usually I am the one writing the blogs, but today the students asked me questions! In class, each of them asked different questions relating to my life, and here is what they came up with!   Fatin: Katie went to college in Rochester, NY at St. John Fisher College to study Communication and Mark … Read more

American Phrase

This week’s American Slang Phrase isn’t exactly “slang” but more a very commonly used word around the holidays in the US. Christmas is just a few days away, and for a lot of the people in the US, that means family time.   Phrase: Tradition Meaning: A continuing pattern, … Read more

Weekly Activities

It is our last week of classes before our week long break! The campus has now shut down for Christmas break for the University students, but there are still activities and events to do and see! Although there may not be anything planned happening on campus, there are plenty of activities throughout … Read more

Weekend Events!

Don’t let the snow bog you down.. get out and participate in some of the activities happening on and off campus! Because this was the last week of finals for the University, almost everyone has gone home for winter break. This means that there is not much happening around campus, but there are … Read more

Slang Phrase of the Week!

This week’s American Slang Phrase is commonly used at the beginning of a semester on college campuses. A lot of times, during the first few days of classes, professors will do an “ice breaker” for students to get talking to each other, and get them to know each other. Ice breakers … Read more


Have you guys heard of Groupon? Groupon is an app and a website that has all kinds of deals for activities, food, travel, items, etc. You can find cheap hotels using groupons, get a deal on a meal, or purchase a new set of headphones for a great price. One cool thing about Groupon is that you can fi … Read more