EC Oxford IELTS class Aug 2017

How’s English different to my mother tongue?

Nine of our students reflect on how their first language contrasts with English and how this affects their English learning in their course at EC Oxford English Centre. Arabic As you know, learning English as an Arabic speaker is one of the most difficult languages to learn because there are huge differences starting from the … Read more

EC Oxford English Centre at a Shakespeare play

‘Culture Stuff’ isn’t always boring – Karin Spoerri, an EC Oxford English Centre student, explains

Karin Spoerri joined a large group of students from EC Oxford English Centre on a visit to see live Shakespeare performed at Oxford Castle. Here, she describes the trip and explains what she learnt from the experience. At EC Oxford one thing is for sure: You’ll never get bored! Besides joining classes, studying vocabulary, preparing homework … Read more

EC Oxford English School students

EC Oxford English School on a hot topic

EC Oxford English School students discussed hot topics we need to know about. Read on to find how you may need to think again about having a microwave meal.   The chemicals invading your body I bet that many young people like to use disposable products like instant food in plastic dishes or instant noodles … Read more

Fun Run with EC Oxford!

  FUN RUN with EC Oxford: from beginning to end    Around one month before the run took place, I wasn’t sure if I was going to go to the race but Kylie’s perseverance gave the strength to go. To be honest, I could see that no-one had serious interest to join to this amazing experience.  … Read more

A Typical Day at EC Oxford English School

Would you like to hear more about what studying at EC Oxford English School is like from two of our students in conversation? Last Wednesday, Victor interviewed Abdulrahman about what a typical day looks like for him. Victor: Hello, Abdulrahman. How are you? Abdulrahman: I’m fine, thank you. V: Can you tell me about a typical day in your life … Read more