EC Oxford: Interns Profile

20150310_084128_resized_1EC Oxford would like to Welcome Emma Bourdeil and Julie Boulvais-Daniel to the team, they will be carrying out their internship here for the next 3 months.

Name : Emma

Surname : Bourdeil

Age : 21

Nationaltiy : French

Hobbies: Movies,running,dancing, going out with friends and red wine.

Favourite Film : Pulp Fiction

Favourite Actor : Mads Mikkelsen

Favourite Colour : Green

My Future : I love to travel, I would like to visit many countries as much as possible. I love working in management and hope to further my future in such a field


Name : Julie

Surname : Boulvais-Daniel

Age : 21

Nationaltiy : French

Hobbies: Movies,Running, Yoga And French Cuisine

Favourite Film : The Green Mile

Favourite Actor : Liam Neeson

Favourite Colour : Blue

My Future :I would love to become and mental and Physical coach, I would like to train people to become more productive both physically and mentally.