Alice Campos : Student Ambassador


Why did you chose EC Oxford? I chose Oxford because of its history. Some important people have been here and had studied in the University of Oxford, the oldest university in the english-speaking world. I also thought that It would be great to meet students from all around the globe. Oxford is famous for housing a wide variety of nationalities. At EC Oxford  I could develop not only my grammar skills, but also my ability to speak. I would  say that the most challenging part of learning a new language is the communication in daily life, and EC Oxford provided me the opportunity to interact with other people and lose the fear of speaking.

Would you recommend EC to a friend? Yes, I would, because the staff is constantly trying to make the school a better place for its students. If you have a difficulty, they will  immediately try to help you with your situation and make the best of your experience. Not mentioning the range of extra activities and clinics available, so the students also have a good time outside the class.

What will you remember from your stay? I definitely won’t forget about how much fun I had in EC Oxford, because it’s not only a place to learn English. It’s clear that the purpose of the school is also to make you feel comfortable and enjoy your time in Oxford, not only to attend classes. It makes learning easier!