Slang and everyday English

Slang and everyday language – free class at EC Oxford

What is Slang? Dodgy, geezer, quid? You don’t know these word? Not yet! And did you know that there are slang dictionaries on the internet? The definition of slang: words that are not considered part of the standard vocabulary of a language and that are used very informally in speech especially by a … Read more

Jeans for Genes

Genes for Jeans at EC Oxford!

Blue Jeans at EC Oxford! Hip teens DO wear blue jeans! Little things already help making the world to a better place. That is what we did today! Lovely EC students, motivated teachers and diligent staff members, everybody helped us a lot! Today we collected donations for the Jeans for Genes Day at E … Read more

EC Oxford Centre Director Charlie Tweedle

Our Centre Director Charlie Tweedle who opened the school in 2013 describes how EC Oxford grew over the last two years. “Being the Centre Director of EC Oxford from its inception has been an excellent journey with many challenges along the way. Seeing the growth of student numbers, the wide ra … Read more

IELTS Speaking Practice can be over a cup of tea!

Enjoy your tea or coffee with other EC students!

Did you know that coffee is actually a fruit? What does that have to do with EC Oxford? You can join our Coffee Chat this afternoon, enjoy a tea or coffee and have a chat with other students about every topic you are interested in. You have the chance to practice speaking English and talk to classma … Read more