Introducing EC Online

Introducing EC Online at EC Oxford

What is EC Online? How can you use it? What is the benefit? If you heard about EC Online but you are not sure what it is, this short blog will help you.

EC Online can be explained as an Intranet for students, teachers and staff. With your student ID number and your password you can login and have access to all the contents shared on the Intranet. There are different categories which help you to find all the necessary information you need and to make things as easy as possible. EC Online allows you to see your progress in detail. You can find there your homework assignments, your scores and information about your attendance, the study plan etc.

Besides, there is additional material and exam preparation. So feel free to use it in order to make the most out of it. Once your done with the academic part you can check out the calendar. There, you will find all the events and activities. You should not miss it because it’s another opportunity to practice your English with others in a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere. Moreover, you will find there all the trips we offer on the weekends. Have a look and explorer the UK while you are studying here.

EC Online also helps you during the first week at the school. It provides you information about the first day at school, about the location, accommodation and many more. You will also find forms and request on EC Online. This allows you to send a request at any time.

The use of EC Online is very easy. But if you struggle, there is also a solution for that. You will find instructions which will guide you through EC Online and you can always ask somebody for help. EC Online allows you to have access to all these information everywhere and at any time. It is time saving and shows you the progress you make very detailed. So let’s get online!

Introducing EC Online