IELTS Oxford students ask: Will you change your habits to save the world?

IELTS Oxford students at EC were asked to write about something they felt passionate about and they chose our use of water and the importance of keeping the earth clean.


Water – an essential for life!

Do you know how much water we use every day?

We know we can’t live without water and we need it for all of our life. In fact, people can live without water for three days only, then they will die.

Water is very important for us, but most people don’t care about it. So we have to keep water safe, because the fresh water in the earth is only 3%. If we continue this way of life, the fresh water will be a lot less than 3% and this will cause problems.

Let’s reduce wasting water by changing our lifestyle. How can we change our lifestyle?

There are a lot of ways to keep water safe.

  1. We have to set the amount of water for a day.
  2. Remember, don’t waste water when taking a shower or having a bath.
  3. Be a more careful car owner when you wash it – don’t use too much!
  4. Choose short programmes when you use washing machines.


Make the Earth Cleaner

Have you ever thought about the fate of rubbish that you throw away? Where does it go?

When you throw away plastic and metal they won’t break down because of their substance that were made of. It is really harmful for the earth in different ways

First, it makes the soil become less fertile. Therefore, we won’t be able to plant crops.

Second, it damages the animals’ habitats. Therfore, there won’t be a good place for the animals to live in. A

Smoking cigarettes can also be a huge cause of making the earth dirtier. For example, the smoke goes into the air and pollutes the atmosphere.

Climate change is a massive problem for us as humans. It can end our version of modern life which we have to make continue.

Therefore, we should stand together against throwing waste away in the wrong places. We have to try to use the bins which are spread all around us.

Let’s make the earth cleaner again!