Self-study focus: Jaifar talks about ‘Think: A Compelling Introduction to Philosophy’ and EC Online

Self-study is something we really value in our homestay English courses in Oxford here at EC. Here, Jaifar shares a book he’s really enjoyed and an online resource that has helped him a lot and could help you!

One month ago, I bought an amazing book while I was walking down the street near to my school. The book is amazing and I really like it.

The title is Think by Simon Blackburn. The book talks about philosophy in its general sense and it has eight chapters and all of them are related with a main idea such as knowledge, mind, free will and the world.

The main reason which made me buy this book is my studying because recently I have been studying English and I found the book useful for me to learn from.

Also, you have to be keen on reading especially if you want to improve your language.

Improve your English with our EC Online Study page

Additionally, I highly recommend using EC Online. It is really helpful and EC Online should be the first reference to improve your skills because there are lots of activities and description about what you have learned in your classes, such as vocabulary and grammar.

For this reason, every student has to be aware of what EC Online contains!