Goodbye from Kylie

It’s hard to believe that I am coming to the end of my year and a half working at EC Oxford. It still feels fresh new and exciting!

I had been teaching English for years before I joined the EC student services and accommodation department. After having worked here for more than 18 months, it is hard to say goodbye to EC that became a home and the staff as well as students that became a second family.

EC Oxford is so special to me and what sticks out about this school is the attention to detail in all aspects of the school. EC genuinely cares about the student experience and this is evident through the added extras that the school offers such as the Orange Carpet Experience – where students are welcomed and settled in by a member of staff before starting school on Monday. The Welcome and Leaving parties which bring students, teachers and staff together every Monday and Friday to celebrate our student’s successes and welcome our newest members of the student body. EC Oxford implemented a lot of new initiatives this year to enhance the student experience some of which have been suggestions that have come from our own students. We are very keen on feedback and listening to the opinions of every student – which is why we have first week interviews, last week interviews and spot interviews and focus groups in between. One thing that has really taken off is our voting system for the social program. The idea is to create a more student led program that satisfies and peaks the interest of our students.

EC really does feel like a family, not just within the school but globally within the company. Not everyone knows that EC was born in Malta more than 25 years ago. Behind the scenes we work with the other schools and admissions teams from around the world.

I am thankful for this experience and proud to have been a part of this lovely team, running EC Oxford. I have worked for many language schools before, but none of then was quite like EC Oxford; the students are happy, staff is helpful, and the atmosphere is genuinely great and welcoming. A big thank you to all that have made my time here so special and wonderful and created many valuable memories!