An important memory (IV) – Robinson

Last week, our Advanced class wrote about one of their most important memories. Here’s part 4: Robinson looks back at meeting his wife!


During our lives we are supposed to make important decisions. Some of them don’t make any difference in the life ahead. But some…well, change us forever.
When we are young we think about who will spend our lives with. It’s one of those important decisions to make. No doubt. Sometimes is one-track mind.
This kind of matter involves many things we should consider. Who is the person? What are the qualities I seek? Etc. But, all of this are easy to answer, because the real problem to resolv is: do you have courage to talk to her? As matter of fact, if you are not able to communicate her your feelings you are not be able to succeed, no matter the way you look at it. This is might be a bigger problem if we consider a person who is extremely shy, and, unfortunately, I was, so you can easily imagine what a enormous overcoming I should face in this matter.
But, the heart speak louder. I saw the girl. She had brown, long, curly hair and blue eyes like two diamonds. I realized she was the one. Wow, but how could I talk to her? What would I say? Even worse, what were my real chances? These doubts came to my mind and made me stucked. I couldn’t see anyway to achieve this goal. Then something happened.
A friend of mine told me the girl was interested in meeting me. It blew my mind. It would be my chance, maybe the only one.
The next weekend, we went to the theatre with some common friends. I took my chance and sat down beside her and made my movement asking her to be my girlfriend. Guess what? She totally accepted. In fact, she was expecting for it. It was a weight off my mind and I’m not wrong if I say in that moment I heard fireworks.
Well, this was a remarkable moment of my life, a real changing point, because after four years from that day we got married and we are together since then.


What a nice story!

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