EC San Francisco Student Activity Calendar for next week!

Monday May 23rd: Soccers Fours with Chahib at 7pm – $5 per hour

Tuesday May 24th: Free Pronunciation Class with Molly at 3pm

Wednesday May 25th: Farmers Market Civic Center at 3pm – Free

Thursday May 26th: Museum of Modern Art at 6pm – $9

Friday May 27th: Friday night at the Young at 6pm – Free

Saturday May 28th: Champion’s League Final (FC Barcelona vs Manchester United) at Shanghai Kelly’s at 11:30am – Free

Saturday May 28th and Sunday May 29th: San Francisco Carnaval Festival 2011 in Mission District

       Upcoming Events:

Saturday June 4th: Biking the Golden Gate Bridge with Dan

Saturday June 4th & Sunday June 5th: San Francisco’s Union Street Festival