Welcome Student Ambassador, Lisa!


Hi everybody! My name is Lisa and I’m a friendly, funy and open-minded Swiss student who likes to travelling around and explore new places, cultures and meet divrent people from all over the world. When I’m not on a roadtrip abroad I work hardly to afford it 😉 another big passion of mine is literatur, photography and film. Since I’m intrested in politics, history and any kind of social life I decided last year to quit my job as project manager in an IT company and change my life into a better an more satisfying one. So but bevor I’m going to retake my studies I wanted to see more of the world, which has been my dream for many many years ago and which is the reason for my stay here in san francisco but also in boston, paris and bordeaux.

Being an ambassador means a lot to me and I’m glad to have this opportunity. Lisa is learning English in San Francisco and helping the students have a wonderful time at the school.