Canadian Motorcycle Springshow

Today is Friday,13th, it’s the second time in 2015. Many motorcyclists avoid driving in the day, but usually the number of motorcyclists driving to the lake is expected to increase as the temperature goes up.  Forecasts said today the highest temperature was 6 degrees, which is not freezing or chill at all. You will be able to see thousands of people in the city and around the lake.

Are you interested in motorcycles? If you know about motorcycles, it will be more enjoyable when you see them. Canadian Motorcycle Spring Show is a good event to get information about motorcycles and also making new friends. As you may know, some riders are relatively kind to others who have the same hobby.

This is going to be held on March 21st and 22nd at The International Centre.(Map)

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The design of motorcycles is very sophisticated and show the person who ride on it cooler than usual. That is probably one of the reasons people are absorbed in them. Also if you are looking for new hobby, this will be very fascinating for you.

If you have a plan to take IELTS in Toronto, it would be better to think before going though.