EC Washington, DC Elections 2016

EC Washington DC

On November 9th, regardless Trump’s win, the sun rose and it was a  beautiful day outside. That is the gift of the new day and we need to realize  that we have lots to do to stay active in the fight for social justice, peace and  civility. To all of our students and colleagues, stay strong and know that we  have a voice in changing things for better. The election results may be  discouraging but they are also a call for action. It is upon us to support our  beautiful international community in EC DC, embrace our cultural differences  and keep moving forward, not backwards as some may want us to.

A young generation, along with some cool old ones, made a revolution in the 60’s and 70’s that impacted the end of a war, women’s rights, racial equality and more. It was done with a focus on love and peace that unified a generation who stood up for the right kind of change. That time and that energy is needed from all of us to protect what previous generation have fought for. By staying united and accepting of each other’s differences, both in our school and outside, we can show the world that the good prevails!


EC Washington stands against any kind of discrimination and is proud to welcome students and staff from all over the world, no matter their religion, nationality, cultural background or political beliefs.




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