Student Post: Henry’s visit to the Brookings Institute!

Last week, we shared a successful class outing as students from the Pre-Advanced went to the Brookings Institute near our school center, to enjoy an informative talk about technology. One of our students, Henry from Korea, enjoyed the trip so much that he has written a special post about it. Here is what Henry has to say:

Adult School Students
Students visit the Brookings Institute

Last Friday, I had a chance to go to Brookings Institute where any people could listen and engage in a timely topic lecture for free. The last topic was ‘ Digital Technology in the Age of Artificial Intelligence’. It was a little bit challenging but definitely achievable. That’s because the lecturer was articulate and the message was also clear.

When the lecture ends, a lot of things come to my mind. Not only did the lecture impress me but also the atmosphere of that place fascinates me a lot. All the experts from all over the world came together and shared their thoughts in English and discussed the pending issues they have to solve. ‘Sharing thoughts with people from all over the world and discussing how to make the world better’. It is one of my dreams and the reason why I learn English. Although the majority of the experts were not English native speakers, their English was flawless. Once again, I could feel the power of English as lingua franca.

Frankly speaking, my mindset was getting looser as my time period in the USA is getting longer. This experience reminds me of the reason why I should study English. And, fortunately, now I am just as enthusiastic as I was the first day I started my America journey.

Thanks to this experience, I could feel the essence of Washington DC as a center of the political, historical and global place. Most importantly, it motivates and thought-provokes me a lot. I hope to go to that kind of events every week. I really appreciate to Renne and EC Washington for giving us a great intellectual challenge and make us experience the real English world outside of the textbook.

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