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Boston Spotlight

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Boston is set in our Spotlight this week.
We love learning about cities, what they are up to and what they offer, so today we’re touring Boston.

The weather gets colder, the days get shorter, and Boston starts to twinkle as the festive season is round the corner. Pack an umbrella, wear a big puffy jacket and get your mittens on. Here are the top 6 things to do in Boston. 


If you love seeing the colours of nature – stroll through Boston’s parks and admire the remaining sights of crimson, gold and green leaves


Want to pass some time? – cushion your body for any fall with your winter jackets and get yourself into Frog Pond ice skating rink


A feed is always needed after most activities – grab a traditional Thanksgiving dinner from any restaurant this month



There is power in knowledge – learn a new language with EC Boston. Don’t just feed your bodies, but feed your brain power through knowledge. Speak a language which over 1.5 billion people can speak


Admire performing arts – get your tickets and go watch a live performance at one of Boston’s top theaters. One of the world’s most famous show is “The Nutcracker” which is showing for one whole month starting from November 26th


Visit a special Christmas Tree – on Thursday 18th November a tree from Nova Scotia will be arriving in Boston Common, this tree represents the close friendship that Nova Scotia and Boston have together. This year it will be dedicated to the front-line workers during COVID.

The list can go on forever as Boston is full of exciting things to do and see, so nothing to worry about being bored, and if you had to visit our English Language School in Boston you’d be able to see for yourself that they too keep things exciting and fun 😀

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