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Choose your own adventure: learn English abroad?

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When I was a kid, my favourite type of books were “choose your own adventure” books. The idea was simple, you’d read the book and at important points in the book, the main character would have a choice and you got to make that choice for them. Each choice sent you on a different path through the book. It gave me agency, it made me feel like I was truly in charge of this character’s destiny. I was shaping their future. Of course, the endings all tended to be similar, the main character would save the day in some elaborate way, but I loved choosing how my character achieved success. 

Learn English for travel and university

I feel it is the same in English language learning. We are all moving in the same direction, proficiency in English, but success will be slightly different for everyone. There is already an element of choice when it comes to learning a language. 

  • Will you choose to study face to face or would you prefer to study online? 
  • If you’re studying online, do you want to join classes from your laptop or join a fully Virtual Reality class with your Oculus Quest headset?  
  • Will you join a general English course, a business course or a university preparation course? 

You have so many options and a lot of choices to make. But it shouldn’t end once you decide how you will learn. In your lessons at EC you’re making choices about how you achieve success every day. Everyone in the class is moving towards the same lesson objective but how you achieve it is up to you.  

Here’s an example of one of our students at EC Cambridge, who has just completed an Advanced Essay Writing module on our Unibridge pre-university English course. She’s choosing from a list of success criteria which areas she wants to receive feedback on.  

Learning English for university

She’s chosen 2 areas that she wants to be successful in and has a record of this and her classmate’s feedback in her E-Portfolio. 

feedback on lesson

So, if you’re thinking about learning English, look no further than EC where every day you can choose your own adventure. 

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