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What to expect in our aged 30+ lessons

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You’re at a certain stage of your life when the crazy nights start to slow down and the focus on your career takes over. Working in an environment that gives you the same high as partying is possible; the acceptance of hybrid working and being able to live in any destination and work remotely, is now a reality. 

This does mean a new way of working – and not just that you can wear pyjama bottoms in your home office – there’s a discipline to switch off but also the opportunities differ. 

You have more time on your hands as you can do some chores while working (laundry for example) which frees up your evenings and weekends too. And of course, you are not travelling to work. 

Can we suggest using this time wisely and learning a new skill? There are so may learning platforms available and you can learn anything from shoe making to baking. You can also learn things to improve your career; a course that your work might not fund, a course that addresses a weakness you might feel you have or one that takes you in a different direction perhaps? One thing you can study, which benefits your work and personal life: English. 

We have classes that you can do in person, with like-minded people, all aged 30+, at our adult English schools in six locations: London, Malta, New York, Dublin, Toronto and Vancouver. These classes are aimed at the more mature student who wants to have relevant discussions and build on other skills too. 

Each of these locations offers something different – maybe one is on your bucket list, perhaps you’d like to live and work in one and this give you the opportunity to test a place out and live like a local, or maybe you’d like to go to more than one, which you can do too! 

The options for classes for the 30+ student include General English, English in the City, English for Work, Business English and Business English Mini Groups. In these, you get to study English and subjects relevant to business like presentation skills, crisis management, finance and Business Ethics and CSR. 

You can also study General English or join our fun class – English in the City – which you can do in New York, London, Toronto and Dublin. This is an immersive class where you get to learn about the history and culture of your location too! All our classes are fun though – extra classes and social activities are organised for you too, so if you are travelling alone, you won’t be alone. Some schools offer extracurricular classes like Dance in New York – and all our 30+ schools offer the option to have Executive One-to-One Coaching to help in your career too. 

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