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Where dreams come true: learning English in Montreal

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Canada is on many peoples dream destination to live; its cultured, bi-lingual, has a European mind-set with impressive scenery and nature as an added bonus.  

EC Montreal has the best location in the city – on the most popular street, Ste-Catherine’s. The building itself is a shopping mall that has a food court, restaurants, coffee shops, hair and nail salon and is within walking distance of 2 English speaking universities, there is a great student life vibe in the area. It is also a 2-minute walk to the metro station so getting around is very easy. Montreal is the second largest city in Canada, however, it has a small town feel because of the very efficient transportation system and because most attractions are centralised. So if you are looking for an English course in Montreal, check us out! 

We have courses that cover General English and you can do this from one week up to an Academic Year / Semester program. And did you know, you can learn 2 languages for the price of 1 at EC Montreal? We offer many bilingual options so students can get a taste of Canada’s 2 official languages; English and French. Montreal is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world – there are many different cultures represented. This is great for our international students as no matter where you are from, you will feel at home and welcomed. This diversity in cultures is reflected in the city’s cuisine, festivals and values. 

Finding things to do in Montreal is easy, there are plenty of activities! From beautiful parks and historic monuments, to delicious food and vibrant nightlife spots – the city has something for everyone. And if you’re hoping to enjoy Montreal on a budget, don’t worry – there are lots of ways to save money while still having fun.  

One great way to explore is by foot or bike – it’s free and allows you to take your time discovering hidden gems within the city. Head over to Mount Royal Park where you can get some exercise and soak up stunning views of downtown (plus it’s super photogenic!). If you’re after history, check out Old Montreal with its cobblestone streets lined with old-world buildings and landmarks. And if you’ve got a sweet-tooth, try out one of the many local ice cream spots – it’s definitely worth the splurge! 

The city also offers plenty of free events like concerts, festivals, museum tours and outdoor screenings throughout the year. There are also many affordable activities such as visiting art galleries or browsing farmers markets for fresh produce and homemade goods. No matter what your interests are, there is something to do in Montreal on a budget. So grab a new friend from school, and go explore this vibrant city!  

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