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Job Clinics for English learners launched at EC English!

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Good news for students choosing to learn English abroad with EC English, a series of Job Clinics has been launched in EC Language Centres schools in Toronto, Vancouver, London and Dublin following a successful trial in two of the destinations. 

The series of free workshops cover a number of subjects to help students understand the process and present their application with confidence; they will be held monthly. Booking is required through the Student Services Team. 

The seminars are designed to help both types of students: 

  • those who are currently looking for a job to make money and possibly stay in the country of study and renew their visa, or, 
  • a student with no intention of staying in the country of study for their immediate needs, but wants local information perhaps for future reference.   

Advertising and wording for job vacancies is a topic covered in the seminar; where to look, how to decipher the jargon, what the impact that has on the job application method and CV. 

The seminar is broken down into three parts.  


2. Approaching the Employer  

3. Interview technique  


We explore two different types of CV’s Profile CV’s and Professional CV’s.  

A profile CV is one page, this would include a photo and mostly be used in the service industry.  

Professional CV’s would include a cover letter and is two pages long. A CV is a living/breathing document which changes as we change. 

We cover how every business and every role is different, so each CV and application should reflect this.   

Approaching the employer 

Students should know how to capture the attention of the employer or at least speak to someone with authority or a decision maker. Role play is used in this section.  One will act as the manager of coffee shop, and students come in, one after the other and try introducing themselves to me and offer a CV. They get to experience a friendly welcoming manager or a rude and uninterested on; we have to build their confidence and have them prepared and not allow negative interaction stop their search.  

Interview Techniques  

Again, role paly is used to give students the opportunity to openly participate in an interview by submitting their CV’s before the seminar. CVs are reviewed and advice is given along the way.  

Some destinations have guest speakers from major companies to take part in the Job seminar and explain what they look for in employees and some offer a talk with the Consul or embassy of source nations to discuss employment in the industry/state/country of the school. 

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