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Wanda Pracher and Celine Alisha Rubin from Switzerland: Our life in Vancouver & EC

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Wanda Pracher and Celine Alisha Rubin from Switzerland shares their experience while attending the General English Courses in Vancouver.


Our names are Wanda and Céline and we are 17 years old. We are studying at an economic school in Switzerland. Our education includes an English stay abroad for 6 weeks. We need to improve our English for the First-Certificate. Of course we enjoyed the time here as much as we could.

We choose Vancouver, because it’s a city with many opportunities to do different activities. You can enjoy the beach, swim in the sea, climb on mountains, go shopping in the city or just relax in beautiful Stanley Park. Every day we discovered new things. In Vancouver you will never be bored.


Living in Vancouver has been such a nice experience. We have made friends who come
from all over the world. The atmosphere is very nice and everyone is friendly and helpful. It’s interesting to find out more about other countries and how they live there.

My agency suggested going to EC Vancouver because it was the best one. They were right because it has a good infrastructure to support us. The teachers are very friendly and are there for you if you have problems. If you need help for something, the coordinators are always ready to solve your problems. For questions the front desk is the right place to get an answer.


As students we really recommend Canada. We hope we convince many people to choose Vancouver. Come here and have a great time like we did and enjoy new experiences.

Wanda & Céline


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