3 Great Reasons to Study English in Bristol

3 Great Reasons to Study English in Bristol

Bristol is the largest city in the United Kingdom’s southwest and is also one of the largest communication centers in the country. With gorgeous landscapes and its diverse, multicultural environment, Bristol is undoubtedly an excellent option for those who are looking to learn or perfect their English. Today we present three of the reasons why learning English in Bristol may be your best option. Home to Successful Creative Companies The city is famous for its great communities of artists, designers, photographers and writers among others. So, if you are looking to study in a city full of professionals, Bristol is ideal. You’ll meet young local entrepreneurs and you can study with people who, like you, are in the city for professional reasons. EC Bristol, for example, offers English for Work courses that will help prepare you for entering the world of business on an international level. In addition, EC students can benefit from taking free workshops such as the “pronunciation clinic” or sessions such as “tea and conversation” that help them strengthen and practice their knowledge. In addition, EC offers an orientation service to help its students find work in the United Kingdom or to apply for university or a higher education. Benefit from Great Prices Although Bristol is less than two hours by train from London, it as approx. 26% cheaper to live in. In fact, it has been shown that the cost of renting in Bristol is 50% cheaper than in London! So, those who decide to study in this beautiful city can have their English experience without the high prices of the capital. In addition, EC offer accommodation either in a student residence or with a local family. Those who stay with a local family can practice what they learn and benefit from the knowledge, culture and … Read more

Lara and her friends at the CSB

Bristol Guarantees Students a Wealth of Experience

Why choose to study at an English school in Bristol? Bristol is one of Britain’s most famous cities and every year attracts students from all walks of life from all over the world. It is a young and stylish city with some of the most beautiful countryside in England. Studying English in an English-speaking environment guarantees you a wealth of experience, growth, confidence and linguistic development that will undoubtedly attract future employers. In Bristol you will have the opportunity to follow various types of English language courses, based on your ability and goals, such as General English courses, IELTS exam preparation courses or Cambridge English exams, English for Work courses, and more, taught by our qualified teachers, who meet high quality standards and are chosen not only for their experience, but also for their enthusiasm, positive attitude and their ability to make learning English fun. Study English and Work in Bristol The student who learns English in Bristol often ends up falling madly in love with the city, so much so that he decides to stay and work if possible. Receiving language training in the UK can prove to be a great help in finding a job. For example, thanks to our English for Work course you will be able to communicate in all business situations, you will become confident in interacting with colleagues and you can use English to achieve your goals. In addition to improving your English, you will also develop many other skills, such as the ability to solve problems, prepare for meetings and discuss various topics in a professional manner: all qualities that will prove invaluable in the advancement of your career. We also offer many types of activities to help students make the most of their time in Bristol and to maximise their opportunities to … Read more

EC Bristol Student, Anita

Anita talks about learning English at EC Bristol

Anita from Slovakia talks about why she chose to improve her English at EC Bristol. Why did you choose EC Bristol? I chose EC Bristol because my friend told me that Bristol is a nice city. I looked for English schools in Bristol and I was interested in EC but also in other schools. However, I chose your school. What did you like most about EC teachers? I like the activities, the energy, they were helpful, kind and imaginative. I had fun with them. Which experience will you never forget at EC? My first moment was, I didn’t understand anything. Greatest experience was to understand and learn to take care for me. All two weeks were an amazing experience. Would you recommend EC to a friend? Why? Maybe I would like to visit Bristol again. I am interested in studying and having fun. The professional teachers were unbelievable!

‘It was far from disappointing’ says Carlos!

It was the best holiday I had ever been on. I had never been to Europe before. Before going there I kept my expectations low because I didn’t want to get disappointed. It was far from disappointing! I met people from around the world; I visited Wales, Scotland, London, Berlin. It was absolutely amazing and of course I learned tons of chunks of the English language at EC Bristol. In the beginning, I felt that I had plenty of time, I mean ten weeks sounds like a lot, but in reality time has really flown and I don’t know where it went, seeing people coming and leaving every week was a bit odd but I got used to it. I’m very pleased with my trip to the UK especially because of the people I met at EC Bristol. I’ll definetely miss my Host parents and Manuela!

‘Being in EC Bristol is like having a new family’ says Gabriela

First, I have to say thank you so much EC Bristol.  When I arrived in Bristol, I thought that I would speak and understand the English language very well within three months.  Actually, it was impossible in my situation! I started to study in a low level, but now I’m in Upper Intermediate, after a lot of effort and perseverance! I feel very confident every morning when I’m going to study in EC because there is a nice atmosphere starting with Stella (Student Services Coordinator), the teachers, my friends (the students), and Dan (Centre Director). About the teachers, I can say that I was very lucky with them; they are really professional, sensitive and friendly. They always have the answer, a friendly manner and a smile for each one of us. I am a nurse and I am constant with my aims/goals. My goal is to improve my English language level. I believe in myself, so I’ve seen my improvements, step-by-step. With hard work, I did it! Being in EC Bristol is like having a new family, a new language, and a new culture. You can meet people from all over the world!  I’m going to keep in touch with many friends from Asia, South America, Libya, Switzerland, Italy, etc. I love Bristol! I have a lot of good memories of my teachers, the lessons, and especially of my friends. To sum up, I recommend EC Bristol if you want to learn English and live in the UK. The last few months have been very fruitful for me. Thank you EC!

My experience in Bristol by Francisco

With a few weeks before the end of my English course in the city of Bristol in the UK, I’d like to say and explain how I have felt during the last 6 months. This amazing experience started on 29th June 2015. I’ll never forget my first day at EC Bristol! At first, I was a little bit nervous and anxious but after a few hours I realised that it would be an amazing experience, here, in EC Bristol because they have very good teachers and cool activities so that it is enough to learn and to set a good English level. I started with a poor English level, but I think that my speaking skills have improved a lot. However, I think that my grammar skills have improved the most. Also, I have made a lot of progress in the listening and writing parts. Fortunately, not all has been studying, I also have had the opportunity of traveling around the UK and Europe, I have visited amazing countries and that makes me happy because I love traveling. Finally, I will go back home to continue studying business administration and to create my own business with my family. For this reason, English is very important so I’m going to be grateful to EC forever.

Flor shares her experience at EC Bristol!

                    My agent in Mexico recommended Bristol and I think it was an excellent option because it is a beautiful city and also convenient to travel because many important cities are not so far from here.   The school met my expectations, the facilities are comfortable and well-equipped and the teachers are very professional. I took the courses of Advanced General English, Work and Business and Preparation for the CAE and all of them were suitable and covered my needs. I made good friends from Japan, Korea, Spain, Turkey, Germany, Oman and Switzerland. My host-family was very kind and hospitable and made me feel as I were at home. Thanks EC Bristol!  

‘I enjoyed every single day in EC Bristol’

For three months I have been in the best city to live in: Bristol. There you can walk on the Clifton Suspension Bridge spanning the picturesque Avon Gorge. I enjoyed every single day in EC Bristol. All of the team is friendly. I improved my English a lot with various tasks: looking after students, being the activity’s leader and supporting my colleagues.   Thank you!

Lara & the must-see Clifton Suspension Bridge

When you think about Bristol the first thing that comes into your mind is the Clifton Suspension Bridge, it is as symbolic as the Eiffel Tower in Paris or the Statue of Liberty in NY. So, how to leave the city without visiting this must-see?! In fact, this could be the perfect plan on a Sunday morning. First of all, make sure you choose a sunny day to enjoy the landscape to the fullest and then try to convince a group of friends to make your excursion more entertaining. This place is located on the outskirts of the city, just 10 minutes by bus from the centre and around 30 if you choose to go there on foot. The environment is really nice, in the middle of the nature, and once there, up on the bridge when you look down, the views are breathtaking. There is also a restaurant nearby, “White Lion”; from its terrace you can contemplate the landscape while eating a Sunday roast, one of the most typical meals in England. After lunch you can have a walk around Clifton village, which has some nice shops, cafes and interesting buildings like the Royal York Crescent. If you wish to improve your English in an English-speaking country and have fun at the same time, check out our EC Bristol website.

‘I can highly recommend EC’ says Mariana

Mariana Carvalho comes straight from Brazil. She chose the city of Bristol to study and improve her English. Read below her great feedback about her experience in Bristol. I’ve been on Bristol for almost two months now and all I can say is that it has been a fantastic experience. The school, the people, my host family and all the great places nearby that I have visited already. The difference between learning English in your own country or in an English speaking one is huge. You can learn all day, not only at school and you’ll be able to learn more about yourself, changing into someone more confident and responsible by being far away from home. When it comes to school, I can highly recommend EC, not only because of the learning itself, that is great by the way, but also because of the trips to many different places where you can go in a big group and have a great time with all of them.
The latest trip was to Manchester and Liverpool, it couldn’t have been better. We all had a great time on the streets, at the tourist spots, museums and at Old Trafford, obviously. All I can say now is that there will be difficult moments in your day to day life. You’ll miss your family and friends but after a while it gets better. Enjoy your stay because some of your best memories can be made during your time abroad.   Find out more about English courses in Bristol!