Deborah - 5 weeks General English

Deborah – Learn English in England for 5 weeks

Deborah Piffer came to school with her mother, who is a really lovely Italian lady, under the recommendation of their friend. They had almost made the decision to go to another school, but once they arrived at EC London, they changed there mind! I’d say it’s an absolutely smart move to choose EC to Learn … Read more

Being a Vegetarian in London

London is a great place for vegetarians to find delicious foods. Every restaurant, pub and café caters for vegetarians, so you can always eat a proper meal, wherever you go (veggie burgers in pubs are awesome!). However, some restaurants are vegetarian only and are a must-try, for vegetarians and non-vegetarians!     A few of … Read more

Zouhair - 15w IELTS Courses at EC London

Zouhair – I will definitely come back!

I still remember the first day when Zouhair arrived – he was so shy and didn’t have confidence to express himself in English. However, after 15 weeks IELTS Courses at EC London, he ended up at greeting to everyone at school, showing his smile and spreading his happiness everywhere he reaches. I am truly happy that … Read more

Mateo from Paraguay to London

Mateo from Paraguay has spend four weeks at EC London with his cousin Diego. They are fantatic students and they had a very good time during their lessons, visiting London and always joining our social programme! We are going to miss them! Here what Mateo wants to share about his experience at EC London:     … Read more