From June 1st to July 28th, in the heart of the financial district you are going to have the pleasure to enjoy Toronto’s original outdoor food market.   The Market welcomes everyone to discover incredible food in a unique atmosphere.   Some of the participating restaurants are these ones: Cassia District 28 Chimney Stax … Read more


This summer is not going to be boring at all because you are going to find music all over the city.   Music in St. James Park (June 1 – August 31): amazing bands. Beaches International Jazz Festival (July 14-16): jazz, blues, hip-hop and reggae on stages, in parks and on the street. Indulge at … Read more


Last weekend and yesterday was pretty hot in Toronto (it felt closer to 40 C). Thanks to this weather, some of the city’s public outdoor pools will open this Saturday, June 17th; and after June 24th they are going to be open all summer long. Here are some of the pools you can splash about: … Read more


  Eh?: this word is used to indicate that you don’t understand something, can’t believe something is true or if you want the person to respond. A Loonie: a $1 Canadian coin. A Toonie: a $2 Canadian coin. Double-Double: refers to a coffee (often from Tim Hortons) with two creams and two sugars. Timmies: it … Read more


  Summer is approaching and the city, which is already busy, is getting more and more excited. These are the most expected parties for this month. See you there!   When? June 4 What? Sunday Afternoon Social Dance for one last time in this ultra cool Adelaide loft space with the Box of Kitten DJs, … Read more

ROM Friday Night Live

FNL  at ROM is one of the best events in town because it not only provides the visit to the museum, but  drinks, tasty food and great music as well. Here we have some of the next events that are going to happen in May and June: May 19th: On this day, Victoria’s longest weekend … Read more

The Beach

Just 20 minutes east of downtown Toronto, you can find one of the best and most beautiful neighbourhoods in the city: The Beaches. In this charming neighbourhood with a vintage small-town vibe, you will always find something exciting to do: three beaches on Lake Ontario and many events going on throughout the year. Also, this … Read more

Bubble Soccer

Toronto is giving you an opportunity you can’t reject. Bubble Soccer is the #1 entertainment sport in The Six. Bumping and laughter is what you can expect from this unusual, but fun experience. The rules are not very different from soccer game. Using an inflatable zorb like bubble, you can smash into other players and … Read more

Travel on a streetcar

  Toronto has different means of transportation: normal buses, subway and streetcars. All of them are useful to go to different places at any moment and almost any time. However, if you are new in the city and want to discover new places by your own, you should hop on one or more of our … Read more

Watch a game!!!

We love sports! From hockey to baseball, football, basketball or soccer; sports are very welcome in any venue or pub. Choose from the Rogers Centre or Air Canada Centre, where teams like The Toronto Blue Jays or The Toronto Maple Leafs make us feel proud of our city, and live it up together. The most … Read more